The day started at 8am waking up with no one making  my coffee in the morning 😦

Andrea my travel partner, has left to go on his mountain bike ride since 8am this morning and I am not expecting him till 6pm.
Then I realised we didn’t bring any cups. I walked to the local café to find out that it was closed. Hmm, I don’t know if anyone saw me without coffee in the morning. …. it’s not good 😦


Still keeping my cool…. sort of. I decided to go down a different street coming back and find myself at this amazing natural swimming pool. So beautiful but didn’t go for a swim.
I walked up the stream a bit to find a little wooden bridge.


So cute I had to sit underneath it for awhile to catch my breath and practice some meditation.


After my amazing chillaxing rest, I walked up the road a little bit more and found the Marron farm. Looked at the prices of them and thought…… well didn’t really actually, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to afford $62 for one kg lol.

On my way out of the shop saw the cup on sale for $2.50.


Score!!!! Now I can have my coffee when I get back to camp… thanks to the stash of sashes of coffee I had from the hotel I stayed recently 😉


By about 1.30pm I was getting hungry and knew that there is a supermarket nearby and most likely be open.


As I was approaching the IGA store I saw one man with a coffee espresso maker and a portable gas stove….. I shouted out ” Yes please”!!!!!!

He looked at me weirdly. .. but I ran towards him and ask if he could share his coffee with me as I am desperate to have some.
He said, “of course you could have some”. That certainly put a smile on my face. Even though the coffee had no sugar or milk I was so grateful to have the tantalizing smell and the lingering bitter taste in my mouth.

Turns out he is French traveling with his family and his friends families who are inside the supermarket.  I did get to finally meet all of the children’s who is so adorable. I wanted to take pictures of them but I was satisfied with the little conversation I had and some practice of my very little French I have left.

I will have dinner ready for Andrea when he get back.

Best I could do since he drove and bought the food, petrol and also paid for the campsite.

How do you get things for free???


He was going to Pemberton by himself and would have paid for it all anyway,  adding me wouldn’t cost any more… well just slightly 🙂

Who is Andrea???


I met him at the Leederville public library  around May 2014. I always saw him sit at the same spot with his laptop in his bike pants. After a few weeks, I have decided to approach him. That day I was asked to his house for dinner with his housemates. Sounds very forward of him but he seemed very friendly and I could bring Jet along which was cool 🙂

That evening there were around 16 of us in this tiny little kitchen. It was perfect!

I just love people who care about friendships more than their cars or bank accounts.

Since that day, we have been friends.
Oh… if you don’t have any friends just invite yourself. Who knows you might score a good one 🙂

I am never afraid to ask for what I want in life.


Now that I am back….. I will write more about love and friendships and things I scored for free 🙂

If you are thinking oh my god aren’t you ashamed of yourself?? Then I thank you and move on. You should never let your ego from stopping you receiving the gift that life and living have to offer.

People love to help but they don’t know how.  I have now learned to ask for what I want more and more and so should you.

Time to share, barter and bargain your way around the world.

Have a great holiday everyone.

Moving forward always.