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Before I found yoga and meditation, I would drown any noise that was in my head with noise ( party, party). I do not want to hear the voice that was in my head. Its dark its sad its depressing, not all the times but a lot of the times. I was too busy trying to shut out the noise that I never gave myself the time to sort the good and the bad out.. a bottle of wine or even two is the norm on weekends and sometimes weekdays.  Now with help from Roshan my philosophy teacher  “philosophies of yoga” he helps me to love the person I am now.


This painting I did when I  have come to terms with my life and now I have accepted who I am.

Never loose hope my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible – Rumi

This Saturday there will be a talent show, every one is given 3.5 minutes to show their talents.
I know now that art is my talent. I can do it effortlessly… I loose any sense of space and time when I am allowed to create. And hopefully from now on I can continue to become a great writer and artist. I would like to start painting illustrations of Kundalini and combining it with yoga poses.

Here in Rishikesh Yo Peeth, we are taught practices in the traditional ways as well as allowing us to cue our own creative movements.

If you want to enjoy Yoga with a difference  I can show you. I will be combining my knowledge as an aromatherapist using essential oils for relaxation and meditation,  my interest in dancing  + yoga to move you in different ways. Everything is coming together nicely just like a mistro composing a musical master piece.

Now I can see that my search for the Eternal Sunshine is over. I have found it through the sun salutation’s poses. All I have to do is look west every evening and east every morning and practice my yoga.

I am thrilled about my life and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life creating and sharing my passion with all of you 🙂

I will try and post my art work abit at a time for you all to see and hopefully one day have an art exhibition somewhere.

Thank you everyone for all of your support by liking my page.

Much love always



This painting is called “Silence”. I closed my mouth and spoke to you in hundreds of silent ways – Rumi