Oh so happy :)

I was so excited to find out that Elizaberth Gilbert was going to be in London, that I have purchased two tickets to see her while still in Ireland. I knew this was a sign a sign for me to move to be surrounded by women who is seeking the same path.

For the event I proceeded to get dress to go with my friend Clara whom I met in Galway, Ireland. We enjoyed our Chinese food at Earl’s Court in London then proceeded to catch the train to find out part of the line was not in service, because we were pushed for time we caught a Black Cab to try to get there on time. The funny thing was that we found out we have gotten there one day too early. Oh well, what can you do..?  I wrote to Elizaberth of cause 🙂


Dear Elizaberth Elizabeth Gilbert

I love you so much that I arrived to see you at the Wilson Music Hall 24 hr to early. I have been traveling since 16th December 2013 and my brain is definitely on holiday mode. This is what I wore yesterday and this is what i am wearing again today. lol

Only because I don’t have anything else to wear that is pretty. I am only carrying a cabin bag around with me now knowing I just don’t need to have so much things anymore. Can’t wait to see you. ps my boyfriend bought me a special pen so you can autograph for me I also would like to share my page with you and I hope you love it.

We took this time to tour London bridge and some museum.




I manage to interact and play an eating game with a group of Super Hero’s. (it was a buck party and by deliberately losing I got a free drink) lol.


IMGP5238 IMGP5251

IMGP5239 IMGP5261

During our walk we came across a comedy show so we decided to go and have a look. I have won a mug and have had a good laugh out of it.


See we have found The Funny Side 🙂


The next day has to be the correct day because the lady at the counter told me. I went to see Elizaberth by myself and this time because Clara was not feeling well. I also decided to walk for two hrs to get there instead of a taxi.

It was a beautiful walk through the park and along the river side.

IMGP5337 IMGP5340 IMGP5344 IMGP5378 IMGP5369

The big event time… two other authors spoke before her and then she spoke, her speech was amazing as always and as luck was upon me I got the seat right behind her.  When everyone was rushing to purchase the books I had to be brave and interrupted her in the middle of her conversation with her friends and had to tell her that I got there too early and that I wrote to her to tell her of this miss hap. I proceed to give her my home made card that was made at the Kinlay Hostel in Galway cut roughly with no straight edge. She thought it was sweet and gave me a great big hug.

So proud so grateful at that moment that my heart was pumping and my hands was sweating I even had a bit of tears running down my face. I proceeded to line up to buy the book. I bought three books two was the Signature of all things and the other Wounded. When I turn around to line up to get my books signed a lady in front of me was distraught and had arrived too late to hear her speech and to buy the books. I felt a sense of guilt and sad to know that she had missed out on this book I decided to offer one.

Now here is how Karma can sometimes comes very quickly… I somehow could not find a place to stay in London everything was booked out and the one that had agreed for me to stay on their couch would not reply back to me and somehow had disappeared. I said to her I have been traveling for over 4 months now and I am staying at a hostel and I have to move tomorrow I am desperate to find a place to stay…

What happened  next blew my mind! She said I have a spare room you can stay with me? Wow a total stranger just chatted not only one minute and she has offered me a room in her home. Her name is Grace.  I also chatted with another lady and her name is Karin and she also offered me a place in her home.

All three of us have hit it of and I am now staying at Grace’s Place in South Kensington being surrounded by beautiful art and French designs, so close to Hyde Park.

Right now I am looking forward to catching up with Karin because she has promise me a day to remember and a night of Swing dancing.

P.s I got Elizaberth to write down her bucket list in my bucket list book and I even got her to use the pen that Julien bought me for my Birthday 🙂 I have told her that this is a special pen.. It is a magical pen *grin*

Here are some photo from the event and of cause if you like this story go ahead and share this blog and our page  https://www.facebook.com/EatPrayLoveAroundTheWorld

A million hugs


IMGP5392 IMGP5395 IMGP5396 IMGP5398 GraceIMGP5405 IMGP5407 Karin IMGP5409 IMGP5410 IMGP5412 IMGP5413 IMGP5414 IMGP5415