Don’t forget guys… share this page with your friends. This is not just for me, this is for every body. I have a love for the arts and the love for travels. I write here because it help me to connect with people.. people who is interested in helping themselves as well as helping the world no matter who they are. If what I do interest you then why not share it? This page is not about promoting businesses and making money from it. If you have gone somewhere and did something great then share them here. I would love to stay connected with all of you and be inspired by your stories and how life has taken you somewhere unexpected.


Right now I am at the best part of my life.. “NoW” is where it is. It is hard to stay in the “Now”. Its easy to be distracted by life or everyone else life. I must say that I am the one who is always the future planner., always wondering what will happend to me and if anyone out there will love me enough.


I know now I am enough! I can now see my gift in this life.

I tried to change other people to fit in with my belief and my ideal life.

I cannot be proud to say that I was one of them. But I am proud to say that I am Human.

I am an over emotional women who also want to feel love and also fall into the trap of going about life doing all the things what most people do to receive love is to read every book you can imagine and watch all the soppy love movies to find it.

Then what happens next is you try to play it out in real life and you know what it don’t really work, it just get confusing and you are left wondering which one of these are right for you? Arhhhh. Full stop!


My mind is open and my heart have been use and reused and recycled so many times.  You know what guys?? I am still here, still strong.. even stronger then before. My purpose in life is to help.. I feel good when I can help. Right now I would love to help you in what ever you need.


So write to me tell me what you need and hopefully I could help you and if not ill try to find someone who can.


Here it is again go on and

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Much love always