A friend of mine who is one of my Couch Surfer in 2012/2013 Matia, loves Games of Thrones

And now so do us. We stayed in Rimini for three weeks and spend close to two weeks watching Games of Thrones back to back through the whole three series.  Because we almost had every lunch and dinner together, he would ask…. So, where are you up to now? Then we would tell him and the reply back from him would be this amazing big grin then a burst of laughter telling us that we would love what’s going to happened next. I love his laugh and I also miss it very much.

One  day he drove us to San Marino and he brought one of his favourite Games of Thrones character with him Jamie, and I brought Leo my mascot lion as well. They both suited each other because the Lanester flag is a lion. That day when we got there it was fogy and created this scenes like the Games of Thrones so I was very happy.

And so this blog is dedicated to my friend Matia – “Hear me ROAR”!!!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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