My home for three Weeks

My first HelpX in Saint-Jorioz France

It is nearly two weeks here in my first HelpX in France. How did I get here?

First of all I am involved in a HelpX community a bit like Woofing. I send a letter to Sophie (my host) to ask if Julien and I could come and help her, and this is my first letter to her.

> I will be traveling to Annecy, France in January and would love to come
> and help. It will be with my partner who is French and I am
> Australian/Cambodian.
> We both are quiet and clean and I would like to learn to ski and go to
> Mont Blanc as part of my bucket list. I will arrive in Paris from 19th
> December and staying with friends that I have hosted here in Australia
> and they are returning a favor. We understand that you only want
> Female.. would you consider taking my partner Julien in as well?
> Thank you in advance
> Thyda & Julien


Thank you for your interest for out Family. We could actually think of hosting you with your boyfriend from january 4th til january 23d in the apartment in our house available for that period.
I see you have 3 kids. Just wanted To know if they are part of your trip ? Should you give me more détails will be appreciated.
Kind regards

Bonjour Sophie,

Thank you so much for such a quick reply. The kids will not be traveling with me and will be staying with their father during the school holiday. 
Julien would like to work at the ski resort if you know of anyone who is looking for someone? Julien is a keen gardener and fluent both in French and English I myself would love to learn French through Zoe and Justine.
 We are willing to do what is necessary to help your beautiful family in what ever task assigned.  
I have been running my own cleaning business for over 8 years and I have staff taking care of aromatherapy cleaning (www.aromatherapycleaning.com.au) while im away. I was also a cook at an Asian restaurant in Perth for a while as well.
We are proactive couple.  I have hosted many Couch Surfers from all over the world and understand your needs for privacy and schedule.
 Julien has partake in woofing for over one year in Australia and they are now our family. 
We are more than happy to give references.
Looking forward to a positive reply.
Thyda and Julien
ps I do prefer to be called Thyda ( pronounce Teda) even though my business name is still Christie.

Bonjour Thyda,

Thank you very much for your email with all details.
We have been thinking about your stay here and actually have changed a little bit our initial proposals about help with the kids since we are quite organized by now since the girls are growing up and can do quite a lot by themselves.
We could of course consider with pleasure having you stay in the apartment above ours from january 4th til january 23d. You could go skiing if you wish in the ski resorts around; We would be happy to taste your asian food as well while we are sharing some meals with you once in a while.
Our need as helper will be to repaint the walls of the living area and kitchen (ceiling, and walls) of the apartment above ours. Just wanted to know if you could think of it and are both fine with the idea.
I don’t think it would take you that long, but I would really appreciate to have it done seriously and carefully.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
kind regards
Bonjour Sophie,
Yes we are happy to hear that the girls are all grown up now and can take care of them selves more. As for painting the apartment we are more than happy to help.. I have not mention to you I am an artist and even though painting the wall and ceiling is not necessary the same.. I am happy to make sure your apartment is well presented. Will the apartment have internet? I am excited to see what Annecy have in terms of produce? I will pack my favourite knifes because that is the one thing I cannot live without when I am cooking.
Would you like me to bring anything for you from Australia?
Thank you for letting us stay in Annecy and soon sharing some family meals together.
Thyda & Julien
Now we have just finished painting the first room and tomorrow we will start the kitchen.
Last week Sophie and the kids cooked Fondue and showed me how to eat it.
Pictures I took of the surrounding area
  IMGP2878 IMGP2890 IMGP2898 IMGP2911 IMGP2919 IMGP2921 IMGP2925 IMGP2928 IMGP2929 IMGP2932 IMGP2934 IMGP2935 IMGP2938 IMGP2939 IMGP2942 IMGP2944 IMGP2962