First of all, wear a backpack and a bum bag. Be Asian and take lots of pictures.
The other day while walking in Paris I believe near Metro area, my credit card and license got snatched from the front pocket of my bumbag without knowing. I was warned to be very careful about it so I was always conscious of my belongings. The time I knew my things were stolen was at the end of the walk in the Eiffel Tower when I wanted to purchase some suveneers. I was shocked because I was being so careful with my things, but somehow by looking like a tourist make it easy for the pick poked thief to target me. The only thing I had in the bumbag was my credit cards and my drivers license and no money.

So my only advice is to have a bag that is strapped around the shoulder and walking with your hands on it at all times. It’s crazy coming from Australia where I would just leave my bags lying around not even worry about it.

I have learned my lesson the hard way, and I hope you all travel lots and stay safe.


Melted cheese bag-gets… soo good. Cost 6 Euro

Also, another thing to try is hot wine.. it taste like it’s got sugar, orange, and cineman in it.. when it’s cold this is my favourite things to drink. Cost 5 Euro


We also sat down to have a coffee and I was surprised to know that the price for my coffee is 4.80 Euro that is like $7 this has to be the most expensive coffee I’ve ever had. But the view is oh so worth it:)


And so I took a picture of it.