All these times I have been asking for a sign… what should I do next? Please give me a sign??? 

Well here its is… Connect with current and old friends more and if need be take the time to explain what has been happening with your life. I know I have been difficult to be and live with the past 4 years. I went to visit one of my dear friend and we talked and talked for 6hrs straight. It was so nice . Oh how I miss being with friends and having the time just to talk about our wants and needs to each other. 

In the past I have not allowed this because there is so much things in my head and the pressure to make money to support the family was tremendous. That is why I am letting go of material things in my life so I could have the time to be with my friends and family more. 


My dear friend with whom I had a conflict with while going through this major shift in my life has just wrote to me. It is good to reunite and say sorry. Because no matter what, your friends is your friends because they care. I know my old self have died and i feel alive with new energy and a new hope. Thank you my dear friend I think and care for you more than you realised.

Thank you for sending and sharing your special pictures, Thyda.

Your paintings and poetry are exactly just what helped you get through tremendous challenges you have been through. And, you are gifted in having such sensitive abilities to have your artistic skills be such a helpful part of your life. I will save these pictures and also your poetry.

It is also great that you are actually writing about your life now—this is currently, and will definitely continue to be, another very important focus to have now as well as in the future. Your own words will do more than release the current emotional burdens you have experienced and are experiencing. Your own words will become one of your most important “teachers” later on whenever you periodically re-read your words again for yourself. You will continue get a much bigger awareness and understanding at even deeper levels of the metaphors and patterns of life events that have occurred through time. It is wise to write about and to draw/paint these multiple details of events within your own current range of feelings and perspectives now. All of that will be highly valuable to continue to review a number of times through the years as your own perspectives and understandings continue to “grow” and broaden into wider and differently informative perspectives. Your detailed wordings and paintings will support your becoming even more your own major therapist and “healer.” And you will always find the right people to happen into your life to “be there” for you as well— in many different styles and ways. You already have that intuitive wisdom of “knowing” people who will be “right” for you to know.

Stay in touch with me as long as you want to. I care deeply about you and do love you. You have been, and are, very special in my life.

( the writer name is left out on purpose to protect her identity)