You know when you are the a engine running the car and it  keeps on going and going, the people that is around you stop seeing you as important.

 Neglect from friends and families are what I am feeling right now.

They appreciate the exterior part that makes the car, and the engine get ignored. The reason I wanted to travel in the first place is to find peace within myself without the distraction of financial burden such as physical furniture, house cars etc.  The advice from my so called friends and family who suppose to love me is holding me back from growing. No one could ever understand the pressure I had in the past few years.

I am reinventing myself in order to adapt to the lost of friends and family along the way. My own family is not talking to me because I choose to get a divorce.

Distractions, demolished, destroyed, in-runes are what I hear and felt now days.

I set forth to mend to heal to help and to bring about some sort of certainty into my life. Who is anybody to judge?  It’s my life! Mine to live, Right? Wrong! Everyone is trying to put their two cents in every time I have a sense of achievement to move forward with my life. I am not trying to hurt or offend anybody! I just believe that this is my true path.

So yes, when I took this photo I felt a sense of resemblance of how I felt from what my so called friends and family have treated me over the years.




So past… Stop tapping me on the back, and just let me live already!