Its good to check my progress once in a while 🙂

Eat Pray Love around the world


  1. Design a shoe and have it created in 3D printing
  2. Host one dinner party every month for a year
  3. Design and build my own home
  4. Visit the ruins of Pompeii
  5. Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna
  6. Drive a Porch
  7. Live in Bali
  8. Go on a hot air balloon
  9. Visit the underground house
  10. Speak and Teach French, Italian, Spanish, English, Khmer.
  11. Live in Europe
  12. Live I New Zealand
  13. Tag a Great White Shark
  14. Travel Across Australia with no plans or itinerary
  15. Photograph a fighter jet from another fighter jet or other aircraft
  16. Go See a WRX  Rally
  17. Take in another rescue dog
  18. Attend a party on a luxury motor cruiser boat
  19. Take part in a destruction derby
  20. Rescue a lobster from the wild and set it for a cooking.
  21. Find and join a recreational kayaking club
  22. Operate a digger or bobcat
  23. Produce and name a beer
  24. Own a Jeep Renegade with…

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