Sell everything!!!!  This serve to be a lot harder than one thinks. How long will I be going for? Where am I going? I don’t have enough money to just give everything away but if I don’t sell everything by December 16th 2013 I will have to do that. I do not want to have attachment anymore to things, well not while I am on this self discovery. I have moved here from Sydney to Perth in 2002 with just a back pack so of cause I can do that again.


All the things I always wanted gone. Just like that? Everyone say why make such a drastic move, life is not that hard you just have to work harder to pay off your debt.

Well that’s the problem with the Australian dreams… we simply consume too much food and buy too many things that clutter our homes and ultimately trap us into thinking it make us happy. Don’t worry about your health it’s only going to be another 20 years of hard work then we can have a break and drive around Australia in our very own “Caravan”.. Ha? What? Is this what I want for me and my FAMILY?Image

Hell nO

Of cause I want to travel around Australia but I want to do it now not when I’m 60.

I want to live now; I want to be with my loved ones as much as I can while I am still young and alive. As for money, We seem to forget that we do not need that much money to survive and everything that is meaningful to our loved ones is hugs kisses and complements even when all we have to eat is noodles and toast we are happy.


What happens to all of my things that I have left? Storage? What happened if I do find a home overseas and never want to return? Then what? What happens with the children how do I bring them with me when their fathers refused to let me take them with me?

 Tayla said to me “don’t worry mum ill sort dad out”. How nice my children all encouraging me to go and live my life except for Jet he is too young to understand right now and I will miss him more than anything in this world.  No matter what I still feel that this is the right thing to do.


What about my business? What about my boyfriend? What are his plans? What and how are we going to do with ourselves? And the answer lies in “MONEY” we need money, how much? Well depends on where what how long we are going to stay in any country.

All I know for sure is that I will leave Australia on the 16th December 2013.

That reminds me I have to start taking French lesson if i am serious bout speaking French in France.