That is it i have been saving coins from all over the glob hoping to get away someday. That some-day has now got a date.


Flights booked to Paris leaving Perth 16 December 2013. I wonder who will come and greet me?

“Buy that god dam tickets already!”…. so i did. I knew that some how there will be a sign for me to go, like…….. a one way ticket from Perth to Paris for $572 sh** yea!!

“NO” turning back now, I have burnt my bridges  until this travel is done!

I want a white Christmas… I want to go to Paris and snow board on Mont Blanc !!!!! Well god dam it girl, be careful what you ask for because you might just get it.

Ops! too late.

Everything I have wished for I have received. The truth is,  “The Power” was the Audio book that made me believe in the law of manifestation.

But some times it doesn’t hurt to read a bit of astrology to get a bit of hint from the universe 🙂

This is a lot like me:

You feel yourself to be a natural leader.  You are always looking for the spot at the head of the company or the class.  You are unconcerned with whether or not others follow you on your various crusades and campaigns.  Your basic nature is independent and instantaneously self-expressive.  You are good at sizing up a situation quickly.

Notice the BOLD text? LOL

Also this too..

Dear Thyda,

This Thursday and Friday, the stars bestow two shining days of fun and romance upon you!Although Mercury is already happily flitting away its time in social Leo, it gets an exciting boost on August 15 when it tips its hat to innovative Uranus. When the wittiest planet joins forces with the most rebellious one, you can be sure that mischief will reign! You’ll enjoy lots of fun with friends and co-workers, but this will also be a time full of flashes of inspiration, as well as solutions rising out of nowhere.

You won’t want to waste a moment on boredom, so make sure you surround yourself with stimulating activities and people.The next day, August 16, sees romantic Venus swoop into its own sign of Libra, where it will enjoy a month of peace and love. Libra adores partnerships of all kinds, so this is an ideal time to foster romance, friendship, and even professional relationships. Libra also appreciates refinement and avoids confrontation, so with Venus on hand, all these traits will be magnified in your own life. Take advantage of this time to smooth over any rough patches you may have in your interactions with loved ones!

All in all I say go out there take some risk, because with out it you can never know how many amazing secret gardens you could have rolled in ? To discover new plants and smell the sweet, sweet flowers that embrace your sense … go  there , it is waiting, It is waiting for you to “live”.


P.S Dear universe I would like to drive a Yellow Porch across Europe please 🙂