ImageJust start right now. Don’t worry about if you are taking the correct steps. Just take a step.

These are the words that I took to heart, and now in the process of the ultimate change. I have now found a new home for my collections of medicinal plants and my 3 chickens to a farm that will take care of them for me until my return, when ever that is.

The house is ready to be photograph, especially with the help of Andrew Barry Davies with the gardens and my friend who helped out with the garage sales and sorting all of my Sh**.


I’ve learned-

that even when you think you have no more to give, when a friend cries out to you, you will find the strength to help.


Karma has came back to me in a good way this time round.

The truth is I wanted to say how wonderful the chance to move and start again is but its not.

Not when I stared at all the things that I have collected over the years piled up in boxes in the garage and no room to move I just looked and I looked at it and then just  keep staring at it with a blank and confused look on my face.

Where dose one start? The things that was so important to me before just look like an obstacle path, what was I thinking buying all of these objects and trinkets that was oh so valuable ?

My beautiful new friends just looked at me and said we are here to help how can we help? At first it felt uncomfortable to have someone else go through my things, in which I felt fully “naked” exposed with all of my good and mainly bad bits to show for.

That is it! it’s too late I have nothing else to hide.

My whole life exposed in one weekend, but it was so liberating to say goodbye to the things I hold on to, I know now that things do hold you back from moving forward with life, especially Image living to your fullest potential because all we do is go to work to buy these things, to work even harder to buy a bigger home to accommodate all of the things that you have bought and soon you don’t have time to see your children  your partner and let alone to take care of one self who you really need the most to live.

I have now cried for my loss over a bottle of wine sleeping on top of my Pool table writing part of this article.

Its nearly over now I feel a sense of freedom in my life for the first time.