I used to be a make-up artist and I always wanted to do art, but never got to actually do it. Until one day I randomly met an art teacher who inspired me to register to his class. It was very empowering to see what I could produce with what I thought were basic skills.

Painting is my way to express my emotions, and all my art pieces come from what I feel more than what I see. I dream to travel the world to share my love and meet inspiring artists powered by love. “Eat Pray Love” is what is fueling me and what I aim to share through my art. I firmly believe that if we have something of value to offer the world, be it money, talent or experience, we should spread it around so everyone benefits. When we feel good, our contentment and “joie de vivre” is contagious. Just by being around, we make others feel good. And when others feel good, there’s no saying what can happen or be achieved.

I aim to share my love; I aim to share my art.
Art is Love.

My Art teacher Guntar

Peace one ==> My broken heart

My thoughts and feelings while painting this art piece:

All my questions, all my doubts and unending pain. 
I want this life to end!!!
 Plotting my way to simply let go, no need to open my eyes,
 I have no soul.
It’s easy just let this life slide just it go.
 I have no more fear, I have no more sorrows.
I feel numb. Numb to love, numb to pain,
 No one can hurt me anymore I am at the bottom, the pit of misery.
I tell myself Heaven is so far away
 no need to pray anymore my prayers cannot be heard. 
I choked in fear. 
Then at that moment uncontrollable tears running down my cheeks,
sobbing, I somehow start to pray and I’d plea.
Lord helps me, please help me. I am so tired and confused.
Please let me know this.Please let me feel this.
Please show me that there is someone that really, really care?
When I look back, now I see my children’s care, they loved me, 
they held me tight and through many, 
many dark nights they carried me.
When I look at my life now I see, 
my children’s my love they are carrying me.


Art piece two +++  The year zero

A bit about the year Zero (please read to understand)


I was born on the birth date of year two (17th April 1977).
With-in the year zero my oldest sister was separated from my mother.
Pol pots solders ask my sister to admit that she is Vietnamese for them to help.
Big mistake as they are seeking out Vietnamese to kill.

At Dawn she got woken up to be told that they have found my mother.
Excited she followed them down the rice field pathway leading to

a mass grave where she was murdered with just a plastic bag wrapped around her head.
She was 18 yrs old may you rest in peace my sister RIP.


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