I was told that I am being “SELFISH” because of my decision to pack up and leave, they say that right now I am doing something that benefits me at the expense of others.

Maybe so, but I am determined to go on a  spiritual journey,  a vision quest,  to embark on therapeutic/psychological self-examination I will devote myself to prayer and meditation, and take any sort of creative, healing or investigative voyage . 

 It is my divine and intrinsic right as a human being to discover who I am and who God is, and what my purpose is, and what my talents are, and where my joy is to be found, and how to ease my own suffering and the suffering of others.

Who am I? Who is God? In fact, seriously: What else am I going to spend my life doing, if not, at some point, taking a bit of time to try answering even one of those questions?

Often I am driven toward those questions by great suffering, and can only work out my  way through those hard questions with tremendous courage
Going on a journey toward self is my public service.  Because until I get to the bottom of this — until I can humbly investigate the roots of my own suffering and nonsense and misery and destructive patterns — I  will just keep causing mayhem, misery and trouble…not only for myself, but for others.