Hello! Welcome to Eat Pray Love Around the World.. *grin*

My name is Thyda McPartland and I’m the MBIC (Main Babe In Charge) of me, a blog dedicated to making every one who is on the road to self discovery to have a laugh with me and feel good about themselves, not only today, but every day.


Whether we’re sisters, girlfriends, mothers or wives, heck even men. We so often put everyone else’s needs and wants ahead of our own. We’re selfless creatures that way. However, when we constantly put everyone else ahead of  ourselves, we run into trouble.

Fact of the matter is, it’s okay to put ourselves first sometimes. Really! In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s essential and we should do it a lot more than we realise.

When we feel good, our contentment and “joie de vivre” is contagious. Just by being around, we make others feel good. And when others feel good, there’s no saying what can happen or be achieved. The world is our oyster and it’s my personal mission to make everyone I come in contact with feel good about themselves, and in turn, have them make others feel good too.

I firmly believe that if we have something of value to offer the world, be it money, talent or experience, we should spread it around so everyone benefits. This blog is me sharing my talents and passion with you! *smile*

In time, this blog is going to be loaded with some really cool stuff; on my new Adventures around Australia and the world and a whole lot more. But for now, thanks for swinging by to check me out and I hope you’ll be back to see what I’m up to next!