I went to the Marron farm and all I could afford was this MUG.


The day started at 8am waking up with no one making  my coffee in the morning 😦

Andrea my travel partner, has left to go on his mountain bike ride since 8am this morning and I am not expecting him till 6pm.
Then I realised we didn’t bring any cups. I walked to the local café to find out that it was closed. Hmm, I don’t know if anyone saw me without coffee in the morning. …. it’s not good 😦


Still keeping my cool…. sort of. I decided to go down a different street coming back and find myself at this amazing natural swimming pool. So beautiful but didn’t go for a swim.
I walked up the stream a bit to find a little wooden bridge.


So cute I had to sit underneath it for awhile to catch my breath and practice some meditation.


After my amazing chillaxing rest, I walked up the road a little bit more and found the Marron farm. Looked at the prices of them and thought…… well didn’t really actually, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to afford $62 for one kg lol.

On my way out of the shop saw the cup on sale for $2.50.


Score!!!! Now I can have my coffee when I get back to camp… thanks to the stash of sashes of coffee I had from the hotel I stayed recently 😉


By about 1.30pm I was getting hungry and knew that there is a supermarket nearby and most likely be open.


As I was approaching the IGA store I saw one man with a coffee espresso maker and a portable gas stove….. I shouted out ” Yes please”!!!!!!

He looked at me weirdly. .. but I ran towards him and ask if he could share his coffee with me as I am desperate to have some.
He said, “of course you could have some”. That certainly put a smile on my face. Even though the coffee had no sugar or milk I was so grateful to have the tantalizing smell and the lingering bitter taste in my mouth.

Turns out he is French traveling with his family and his friends families who are inside the supermarket.  I did get to finally meet all of the children’s who is so adorable. I wanted to take pictures of them but I was satisfied with the little conversation I had and some practice of my very little French I have left.

I will have dinner ready for Andrea when he get back.

Best I could do since he drove and bought the food, petrol and also paid for the campsite.

How do you get things for free???


He was going to Pemberton by himself and would have paid for it all anyway,  adding me wouldn’t cost any more… well just slightly 🙂

Who is Andrea???


I met him at the Leederville public library  around May 2014. I always saw him sit at the same spot with his laptop in his bike pants. After a few weeks, I have decided to approach him. That day I was asked to his house for dinner with his housemates. Sounds very forward of him but he seemed very friendly and I could bring Jet along which was cool 🙂

That evening there were around 16 of us in this tiny little kitchen. It was perfect!

I just love people who care about friendships more than their cars or bank accounts.

Since that day, we have been friends.
Oh… if you don’t have any friends just invite yourself. Who knows you might score a good one 🙂

I am never afraid to ask for what I want in life.


Now that I am back….. I will write more about love and friendships and things I scored for free 🙂

If you are thinking oh my god aren’t you ashamed of yourself?? Then I thank you and move on. You should never let your ego from stopping you receiving the gift that life and living have to offer.

People love to help but they don’t know how.  I have now learned to ask for what I want more and more and so should you.

Time to share, barter and bargain your way around the world.

Have a great holiday everyone.

Moving forward always.


Insane passion

2014-10-09 15.19.03

Here is my new artwork and a poem to go with it.

I am now a wanderer.

My love for you has driven me insane.

My old self now a stranger to me.

Because of your love I am able break away from my past.

My longing for love keeps me in this moment.

My new found passion gives me courage.

I know you are in the same time zone because I can feel you in my inner most beings.

Please stay away a little longer. I may be wrong……. but right now this is what I am seeing.

– Thyda

A Search for Eternal Sunshine – II

IMGP6831 (2)

Before I found yoga and meditation, I would drown any noise that was in my head with noise ( party, party). I do not want to hear the voice that was in my head. Its dark its sad its depressing, not all the times but a lot of the times. I was too busy trying to shut out the noise that I never gave myself the time to sort the good and the bad out.. a bottle of wine or even two is the norm on weekends and sometimes weekdays.  Now with help from Roshan my philosophy teacher  “philosophies of yoga” he helps me to love the person I am now.


This painting I did when I  have come to terms with my life and now I have accepted who I am.

Never loose hope my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible – Rumi

This Saturday there will be a talent show, every one is given 3.5 minutes to show their talents.
I know now that art is my talent. I can do it effortlessly… I loose any sense of space and time when I am allowed to create. And hopefully from now on I can continue to become a great writer and artist. I would like to start painting illustrations of Kundalini and combining it with yoga poses.

Here in Rishikesh Yo Peeth, we are taught practices in the traditional ways as well as allowing us to cue our own creative movements.

If you want to enjoy Yoga with a difference  I can show you. I will be combining my knowledge as an aromatherapist using essential oils for relaxation and meditation,  my interest in dancing  + yoga to move you in different ways. Everything is coming together nicely just like a mistro composing a musical master piece.

Now I can see that my search for the Eternal Sunshine is over. I have found it through the sun salutation’s poses. All I have to do is look west every evening and east every morning and practice my yoga.

I am thrilled about my life and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life creating and sharing my passion with all of you 🙂

I will try and post my art work abit at a time for you all to see and hopefully one day have an art exhibition somewhere.

Thank you everyone for all of your support by liking my page.

Much love always



This painting is called “Silence”. I closed my mouth and spoke to you in hundreds of silent ways – Rumi

A Search for Eternal Sunshine- Part 1


Hello everyone,

Before I go on and tell you about my amazing transformations I have to post this deep dark secret of mine. Not too long ago I wrote this and now looking back I am happy that I got this far and also sadden that so may people feel like this everyday.

I was suffering from a very deep depression, I have been traveling since December 2013 to shake my depression of. Instead I fell even deeper in depression, at the time I was embarrass to admit this but knowing what I know now I am happy to be able to help anyone who went through what I had. My long list of my pass will come out later but for now I am no longer living like a victim any more thanks to “Yoga”.

You can follow me here


A description taken from the book “Veronica decides to die” by Paulo Coelho


“A substance, serotonin, was of the compounds responsible for how human beings felt. A lack of serotonin impared one’s capacity to concentrate at work, to sleep, to eat, and to enjoy life pleasures. When this substance was  completely absent, the person experienced despair, pessimism, a sense of futility, difficulties in making decissions and would end up sinking into permanent gloom, which would lead either to complete apathy or to suicide.”


So here you go this is what I wrote around end of February 2014. I want to show you this because we all can change and we can do it without drugs.


Run your fingers through my soul, for once, just once, feel exactly what I feel, believe what I believe, percieved as I percieve, look, experience, examin, and for once; just once, understand.


How do I live without certainty,  when all I want is certainty? I have realised that so far my expectation from love is met with obstacles.

If I believe in the power of manifestation and giving everything with love and nothing is return, then why am I always still waiting to receive that kind of special attention that I crave so much of?

Am I asking too much from my family? I just want to feel that I am worthy of love, worthy of being a human.

My relationship with my brother has broken down and we are not close anymore. He blames me for both my marriage break up.

I am not invited to my nephew’s wedding because he hates me…. “HATE” its harsh and it hurts.

Is this a fantasy, a fairy tale? To be loved by your family no matter what? I have never thought that when I choose this last life choice that somehow my life is nearly taken away from me.


This morning I feel debilitated and could not wake up. I have gone through 2 long term relationships I still I feel I can’t find that balance.

Am I too demanding? Probably.

Ok ok , stop thinking of all the bad things its depressing. Write about all the things that I want…

An old friend said to me…. Change the things you can and don’t worry about the things you can’t. Easier said than done. I know when I have clarity that does make sense.  But sometimes I am on this insecurity steam train and I don’t know where I’m going.


Sometimes I feel that I am the worse mother in the world. How could I just give my children away? Why couldn’t I find another solution?  I find that it is really hard to exist in this world… I had to challenge myself all the time I have to keep going otherwise I would just give up! I just wanted to shut out the noise in my head and have eternal silence.

It is very annoying for your love one to hear this again and again, they just don’t know what to do to help or they think it’s just attention seeking.

Let’s face it… I know I am not the only one thinking like this. But I also know that until the person have been in this situation, they will never understand.

My perception on life sometimes has been so dim so grim that I wanted someone to know to understand.. And I wanted someone to take me away from the darkness.

I don’t want to die. I don’t. I just want to feel love without asking.  I wanted to be love. I wanted to live. I wanted someone to know that I existed, that somehow I am important to some one’s life.

Why would I keep trying for something that I have mange to fail? I need something anything that I could be certain about.

I wanted to have silent so badly…. Oh so badly. I would love to have that silence. I wanted to leave not because I wanted the easy way out… I wanted to check out because I felt that I am a bourdon to the rest of the world.

Can suicide be a choice when we feel that it is the only choice??

I screamed to the rest of the world not because I  needed to be notice… I screamed because it hurt because I am in pain. I’m not always there but when I feel neglected even though some might say it’s silly, my emotion is real and intense, I wish for this to just stop.

Should I go back to medication? No I rather die!! Medication helped but it also stop me from feeling anything, and looking back I didn’t care about my children. I was a Zombie.

Who am I, why am I here? Why am I still here? I have talked to death and even though I feel that I have talk too much already, somehow I could not stop. I could not just shut up.. just shut up!!!!!!!!!!

The greatest thing in life is “love” When we feel we don’t have enough love and when we feel we don’t have enough “hope” we start loosing strength to live.

I wished as a child that I was enough.  I wish as a child my parent wanted me. I wished as a child I get to hang around my twin sister more. I wish as a child I didn’t shut up. I wish as a child I had more hugs.


I wish as an adult I didn’t cry so much. I wish as an adult I didn’t wish for much.

I wish as an adult I didn’t felt so lonely. I wish as an adult I didn’t want to end this life so early.

I wish as a mother to be there for her child. I wish as a mother to have the will to keep them from being lonely. I wish as a mother to be there to hold them so dearly.

I wish as a person to rejoice this life with clarity. I wish as a person to embrace this path even though so steeply.

Everyone have a choice.


Then excuse me!

If I choose the only path that was given.

–          Thyda

On my way “Home”



A lot of people told me I was crazy to set out on such a dangerous journey to another country. I would have Bible verses blast at me, telling me that there are so many rapes and murders out there. Be careful “did you know that someone just got kidnap”? So on and so forth. I don’t feel the need to explain what some people say about me as a mother!

I can say I am definitely not part of the norm. How could I? I was born during the Cambodian war, I was born as an identical twin and my twin pass away overnight at the age of 2.5 to what was described as she had an extreme high fever at 8pm then by the same time the next morning at 8am she was stone cold.  After living in a refugee camp,  as a child I was always hungry.

I always felt a sense of lost like a part of me is always searching for another soul.

I never looked into what twins were like… but just the other day I was talking to Peter Kane and he mentioned that all twins love affection and they all love to cuddle. I always felt lonely when I sleep alone and I would prefer my back to be against a wall or a couch. Now looking deeply into it I thought I was the only one feeling this way but now I realised that I have been suffering from a “Twinless Twin”.


So now I know I’m not alone and I am now looking into it deeper. I must acknowledge her existence and I also must acknowledge that as a child I must have been with my twin 24/7. How it would have been for me then at the age of two to one day just overnight not have a play mate a best friend any longer. How much I would have cried for her and the sadness for her loss soul.” Lackyna is her name” and according to my mum she was the smart one, the most articulate out of us two. I can no longer prove her wrong. I do wish she was around and I wouldn’t mind playing some tricks with people like most twins would do.

When I get back to Perth I will spend some times with my mother and document what had happened and where was she berried. I did not want to go to Cambodia until I have a purpose. And now I think this is a good enough reason to go back and put her to rest in my mind and have a place to visit her.

Another reason I went away after selling my home is to find myself again and to find another place I could live, another place I could call home. What I was looking for was a physical thing a brick and motor, a place I could invest my working hrs paying it off.

What I have found in return was very surprising . Elizaberth Gilbert described it so well in her TED talk and this is why I loved her so. “Our home is someone or something that we loved more than ourselves.” http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_success_failure_and_the_drive_to_keep_creating

My home is my children and the one I love. When I love someone I love strongly I love too much sometimes. I feel at home when I am with them knowing I am doing everything I could possibly can for them.

I know now after so much fears and many loneliness in my life that I will be OK, I will be fine.

I am SAFE.. I FEEL safe.  I feel LOVE. I am LOVED.

I know I am the only one that has the power to allow any defeating thoughts to come to my head. At one stage or another we all look for love by demanding it from our partner our families or friends not knowing how to be any other way. Insisting that they show us love the way we need to feel love. The truth is- when you are able to put that ego aside even letting go of the promise of family possession whether that might be being part of a community or culture that you were once in and forgive all the wrong doing that others have imposed upon you and most of all forgive yourself for allowing them in the first place.. then only then will a path be carved for us to see the way home.

I am happy to say I have now found this path I now posses a torch when it is dark.  I hope after India I will find a torch that could help everyone else not just for myself but for many other’s along the way who is brave enough to find a “new truth” to find their way HOME.


We walked from down there to up here. It was a long and tough steep climb but we made it.


Not the most pretty photo but success nonetheless 🙂

Elizaberth Gilbert and Friends


Oh so happy :)

I was so excited to find out that Elizaberth Gilbert was going to be in London, that I have purchased two tickets to see her while still in Ireland. I knew this was a sign a sign for me to move to be surrounded by women who is seeking the same path.

For the event I proceeded to get dress to go with my friend Clara whom I met in Galway, Ireland. We enjoyed our Chinese food at Earl’s Court in London then proceeded to catch the train to find out part of the line was not in service, because we were pushed for time we caught a Black Cab to try to get there on time. The funny thing was that we found out we have gotten there one day too early. Oh well, what can you do..?  I wrote to Elizaberth of cause 🙂


Dear Elizaberth Elizabeth Gilbert

I love you so much that I arrived to see you at the Wilson Music Hall 24 hr to early. I have been traveling since 16th December 2013 and my brain is definitely on holiday mode. This is what I wore yesterday and this is what i am wearing again today. lol

Only because I don’t have anything else to wear that is pretty. I am only carrying a cabin bag around with me now knowing I just don’t need to have so much things anymore. Can’t wait to see you. ps my boyfriend bought me a special pen so you can autograph for me I also would like to share my page with you and I hope you love it.

We took this time to tour London bridge and some museum.




I manage to interact and play an eating game with a group of Super Hero’s. (it was a buck party and by deliberately losing I got a free drink) lol.


IMGP5238 IMGP5251

IMGP5239 IMGP5261

During our walk we came across a comedy show so we decided to go and have a look. I have won a mug and have had a good laugh out of it.


See we have found The Funny Side 🙂


The next day has to be the correct day because the lady at the counter told me. I went to see Elizaberth by myself and this time because Clara was not feeling well. I also decided to walk for two hrs to get there instead of a taxi.

It was a beautiful walk through the park and along the river side.

IMGP5337 IMGP5340 IMGP5344 IMGP5378 IMGP5369

The big event time… two other authors spoke before her and then she spoke, her speech was amazing as always and as luck was upon me I got the seat right behind her.  When everyone was rushing to purchase the books I had to be brave and interrupted her in the middle of her conversation with her friends and had to tell her that I got there too early and that I wrote to her to tell her of this miss hap. I proceed to give her my home made card that was made at the Kinlay Hostel in Galway cut roughly with no straight edge. She thought it was sweet and gave me a great big hug.

So proud so grateful at that moment that my heart was pumping and my hands was sweating I even had a bit of tears running down my face. I proceeded to line up to buy the book. I bought three books two was the Signature of all things and the other Wounded. When I turn around to line up to get my books signed a lady in front of me was distraught and had arrived too late to hear her speech and to buy the books. I felt a sense of guilt and sad to know that she had missed out on this book I decided to offer one.

Now here is how Karma can sometimes comes very quickly… I somehow could not find a place to stay in London everything was booked out and the one that had agreed for me to stay on their couch would not reply back to me and somehow had disappeared. I said to her I have been traveling for over 4 months now and I am staying at a hostel and I have to move tomorrow I am desperate to find a place to stay…

What happened  next blew my mind! She said I have a spare room you can stay with me? Wow a total stranger just chatted not only one minute and she has offered me a room in her home. Her name is Grace.  I also chatted with another lady and her name is Karin and she also offered me a place in her home.

All three of us have hit it of and I am now staying at Grace’s Place in South Kensington being surrounded by beautiful art and French designs, so close to Hyde Park.

Right now I am looking forward to catching up with Karin because she has promise me a day to remember and a night of Swing dancing.

P.s I got Elizaberth to write down her bucket list in my bucket list book and I even got her to use the pen that Julien bought me for my Birthday 🙂 I have told her that this is a special pen.. It is a magical pen *grin*

Here are some photo from the event and of cause if you like this story go ahead and share this blog and our page  https://www.facebook.com/EatPrayLoveAroundTheWorld

A million hugs


IMGP5392 IMGP5395 IMGP5396 IMGP5398 GraceIMGP5405 IMGP5407 Karin IMGP5409 IMGP5410 IMGP5412 IMGP5413 IMGP5414 IMGP5415




Share with me


Don’t forget guys… share this page with your friends. This is not just for me, this is for every body. I have a love for the arts and the love for travels. I write here because it help me to connect with people.. people who is interested in helping themselves as well as helping the world no matter who they are. If what I do interest you then why not share it? This page is not about promoting businesses and making money from it. If you have gone somewhere and did something great then share them here. I would love to stay connected with all of you and be inspired by your stories and how life has taken you somewhere unexpected.


Right now I am at the best part of my life.. “NoW” is where it is. It is hard to stay in the “Now”. Its easy to be distracted by life or everyone else life. I must say that I am the one who is always the future planner., always wondering what will happend to me and if anyone out there will love me enough.


I know now I am enough! I can now see my gift in this life.

I tried to change other people to fit in with my belief and my ideal life.

I cannot be proud to say that I was one of them. But I am proud to say that I am Human.

I am an over emotional women who also want to feel love and also fall into the trap of going about life doing all the things what most people do to receive love is to read every book you can imagine and watch all the soppy love movies to find it.

Then what happens next is you try to play it out in real life and you know what it don’t really work, it just get confusing and you are left wondering which one of these are right for you? Arhhhh. Full stop!


My mind is open and my heart have been use and reused and recycled so many times.  You know what guys?? I am still here, still strong.. even stronger then before. My purpose in life is to help.. I feel good when I can help. Right now I would love to help you in what ever you need.


So write to me tell me what you need and hopefully I could help you and if not ill try to find someone who can.


Here it is again go on and

ImageLike” my page and share your stories with me.



Much love always



What is my “WHY”?

I know my “WHY” do You?!

Eat Pray Love around the world


Take me home. I want to go back home.

I will study my background my past, my families past. I am in need to find the truth of my existence.

I am in search for “LOVE”

I am in search for the Love of “FOOD”

I am in search for the love of “FREINDSHIP”

I am in search for the love of the “STARS”

I am in search for the love of “COMMUNITY”

I am in search for the love of “ART”

I am in search for the love of my “VISION”

I am in search for the love of pushing my “BOUNDRIES”

Why did I survive, if not to inspire? I believe in something “BIG”.

I believe in my dream to travel this country this whole “world”.

I believe I will achieve this no matter what my background. I am pursuing this for the entire woman in this world…

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San Marino and Games of Thrones.

A friend of mine who is one of my Couch Surfer in 2012/2013 Matia, loves Games of Thrones

And now so do us. We stayed in Rimini for three weeks and spend close to two weeks watching Games of Thrones back to back through the whole three series.  Because we almost had every lunch and dinner together, he would ask…. So, where are you up to now? Then we would tell him and the reply back from him would be this amazing big grin then a burst of laughter telling us that we would love what’s going to happened next. I love his laugh and I also miss it very much.

One  day he drove us to San Marino and he brought one of his favourite Games of Thrones character with him Jamie, and I brought Leo my mascot lion as well. They both suited each other because the Lanester flag is a lion. That day when we got there it was fogy and created this scenes like the Games of Thrones so I was very happy.

And so this blog is dedicated to my friend Matia – “Hear me ROAR”!!!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage


Annecy France


When I first arrive in  Annecy I was welcomed by my friends Sydney and Elodie,  I was so happy to see them again after 1 year since they were Couch Surfing in Australia with me. They came to pick me up from the train station , took us shopping and feed us with so much amazing French food. We stayed at Sydney parents house for the first three days with our own room and bathroom. In that three days Sydney and Elodie took us to the ski resort at Semnoz where I saw snow for the first time in over 17 years, as well as taking us to visit their friends.

The view from the top of the mountain where we stayed.

The view from the top of the mountain where we stayed.

After we went to stay with Sophie and her family for three weeks in Saint Jorioz which is about 10 km from the city center where We did Helpx.org.

I took this photo while Sydney was driving.

I quick snap, while Sydney is driving.

During my stay there Sydney and Helodie came to pick us up and took us to this amazing chalet with no electricity high on the mountain which only a 4X4 could get to. This place was breath taking, it is absolutely amazing. They both knew that I wanted to go to Mount Blanc so they did the next best thing because Mount Blanc was in the background. They were also proud to show us where James Bond the move was made as well. We love there amazing dogs Cahuete and Baboo always with us running around so happy to be in the snow.


No im not pregnant. Helodie was back then only a few weeks to go.

No im not pregnant. Helodie was back then only a few weeks to go.

IMGP3098 (3)

Looking back now I will always remember that day where we cooked food on top of the fire heater and a candle lit dinner playing word games and drinking among friends. These are great memories that will stay with us for a life time.



IMGP3067 (3)IMGP3066IMGP3065IMGP3046IMGP3055IMGP3059IMGP3060IMGP3057IMGP3052IMGP3050IMGP3048

A little prayer.

A little prayer.

Thank you guys you have made our stay in Annecy that much more special.